Valentine’s Burger

Valentine’s Day was this week.  Were you aware?  If you have Facebook—and I find it highly unlikely that you’d have somehow found your way to my baby blog but not to Facebook—you probably found your news feed swarming with statuses berating V-Day for being a gimmick created by card companies to make money while also making people feel miserable.

Truth be told, I kind of like Valentine’s Day.  Sure, it tends to be over-hyped and over-commercialized, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with setting aside a day in dull, drab February for a little silly sweetness.

That being said, Alex and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s in a big way.  We’re always either too busy or too broke (or both) to do anything extravagant.  This year, we made our V-Day plans at about 6pm on the 14th, and they took the form of the best burger I have ever made in my life.

I don’t really have a recipe to share with you, mainly because I don’t have a method.  But I can tell you that all I do to season my ground beef is toss in a couple of chopped chipotle peppers and a spoonful of adobo sauce, then smush it all together by hand.  If your hands get really dry during cold weather, I’d recommend putting on some gloves first… dry skin really soaks in that adobo.  And it stings.

Sliced mushrooms and a little bacon are definitely good choices.  I’d also suggest smoked gouda cheese, caramelized onions, and mashed avocado.

And a good bottle of wine (with a lovely bouquet of flowers) never hurt at all.

Feel the love– make a burger.

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4 Responses to Valentine’s Burger

  1. dad says:

    Dang, I gotta do me one of those 🙂 Havent had one in a while !!!!

  2. terri martin says:

    jesi: can you get Duke’s mayonaise in Boston?

  3. Jesi says:

    I haven’t seen Duke’s mayo, but I don’t really remember it from the South either…

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