Greatest Conversational Hits of the Weekend


Conversation One

“Thank you for calling [retail establishment] Men’s, this is Jesi.”
“Yeah, I’m looking for a particular blouse in a size 4.  Can you tell me if you have it?”
“Oh!  We’re actually a men’s store.  I can give you the number for women’s, if you like.”
“But this is the number that was listed online.”
“Yes, we’re two separate stores, but they only list the men’s number online.  I’m not sure why.  Would you like the number for women’s?”
“Ughhh… I’ll just call back later.”
“Ok… we’ll still be a men’s store.”

Conversation Two

“I once had a professor who always said he loved canned peaches so much, he’d like to bathe in them.  One day he found canned peaches on sale at the store, so he bought a ton of cans, poured them in his tub, and actually bathed in them.  The thing is, he hadn’t considered that the syrup would be so heavy that it wouldn’t really go down the drain, so he had to spend the entire day scooping peach syrup out of the tub and flushing it down the toilet.”
“You kind of have to love a guy who will go to that much trouble to prove a point.”
“Yeah, he was an ethics professor.”

Actual food post coming soon.  🙂

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