Pita Pizza Sandwiches

Lunch is a strange meal, isn’t it?  For me, there’s next to no consistency in when I get hungry for lunch from day to day.  Some days my stomach starts rumbling around 10:30, and on other days, I have to make myself sit down and eat at 1:30 just so I don’t find myself famished during that awkward, too-late-for-lunch, too-early-for-dinner time around 3pm.  Lunch is also one of those meals that I usually just throw together without too much thought.  Leftovers one day; PBJ the next; hummus, day old bread, and a handful  of grape tomatoes after that.

Allow me to introduce you today to the best thing ever to happen to lunch.  It takes no more effort than a PBJ, and just a quick spell in the oven.  And, for your minimal effort, you’ll be rewarded with a soft, toasty, melted-cheesy treat that will keep you satisfied for hours.

I used pita bread for this round, but you can also use a bagel with a bit of the bread hollowed out.  Naan (or nanny bread, as my dad calls it) is also really delicious.  A tortilla?  Hmm, that might work, too.

Start by brushing your bread of choice with olive oil.  The mozzarella I used came in a tub of herb and spice infused olive oil, so I just brushed that on mine.  If you have it, sprinkle on some herbs de provence.

If you don’t have herbs de provence, you should really get some.  It’s a mix of herbs, including lavender, marjoram, thyme, fennel seed, and more.  It tastes like pure happiness.

Next, add your choice of meat.  Pepperoni is a classic choice, but you know what’s really delicious?  Salami and capocollo.  It looks gorgeous just like this, right?  Feel free to shove a couple slices of meat into your face while you’re assembling.  I definitely did.

Next, add about three mozzarella balls (or whatever cheese you want to use).  Use a pair of kitchen scissors to snip some basil, rosemary, and chives on top.  (No cutting board required!)  And slap that bad boy in a hot oven– about 400° should do it.

I remembered after I had taken three bites that I also had sundried tomatoes that I intended to add.  They’re a great addition, but clearly not crucial.

So maybe this version came out less like a pizza and more like an open-faced sandwich.  But you can adjust the toppings however you want, and it’s almost guaranteed to be delicious.  And, if your workplace has a toaster oven, you can bring the ingredients to work with you and whip this up on your lunch break.  Bring extra, too, because everyone else will want one.

Pita Pizza Sandwiches
(are you ready?  this one is complicated.)

Preheat oven to 400°F.  Brush a pita or a piece of naan with olive oil, and top with thin-sliced salami and capocollo, small balls of mozzarella, and fresh cut herbs.  Heat in the oven for about seven minutes, or until the cheese melts and the edges of the meat start to crisp.


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