The Week in Review

Oh, technology.  Why?  Whyyyyy??

I was just wrapping up a post about a delicious dessert that I made last week, when WordPress decided to go nuts on me and delete the whole thing.  Yes, bigger disasters have happened… it’s just a blog post, not something important, like a policy brief that’s due tomorrow (yikes, my blood pressure spiked just from the thought).  But I think my frustration is definitely warranted.

I have every intention of rewriting the post.  But for now, how about if I just share some pictures from the last few weeks?  Yeah?  Here we go.

There are several noteworthy things about this photo.  1) That watch.  Swoon.  Thank you, Alex. 2) I decided it was a good idea to paint my fingernails orange.  I’m not sure why… but I kinda dig it.  3) Even though we were in the middle of a heatwave, I still found a nice enough time of day to sit outside and read.  4) My “relaxing” reading is a cookbook.  Typical.  But not just any cookbook!  It’s “In the Kitchen With a Good Appetite,” by Melissa Clark.  It’s half-cookbook, half-essays, which is my favorite genre of food writing by far.















This is actually an older photo– I had quite enough cake to deal with last week without buying cupcakes.  But this is from one of the best kept secrets in Boston: Party Favors in Brookline.  From the outside, you wouldn’t even know there was a bakery in there; it just looks like a typical, if slightly oldfangled, party supply store.  But I knew as soon as I walked in the door that there was delicious cake to be had, because it smelled just like Rolen’s Bakery, the old establishment in Dothan that made me more birthday cakes than I can even remember.  Turns out the bakery is in the basement of the store, and there’s a display fridge full of treats for sale upstairs.  I picked out a cupcake (I specifically asked the lady behind the counter for the one with the most frosting), bit into it, and immediately tasted home.  This has to be the exact same recipe that Rolen’s uses.  And it’s especially refreshing that, in the midst of the “gourmet” cupcake craze, this simple sweet only costs $1.75.

The best part is that they hollow out a bit of the cake and fill it with frosting.  Did I not tell you that I have a weakness for buttercream??




















This makes me laugh every time I catch a train at Hynes.  I am clearly 8 years old.




















My parents gave me the wonderful gift of a CSA subscription for the summer and fall, which means that every week, I get a boatload of produce to work with.  This was the first week’s share.  Since it’s early in the season, all the shares so far have looked similar.  I am eating SO many salads, it’s ridiculous.  Good thing I love salads.


















What the WHAT!!  You have GOT to be kidding me.  This, people… this is why people love to hate on foodies.  Because this is proof that somewhere out there is a group of people who looks at a 16oz bottle of “white cashew water” and says, “12 dollars?  Why, that sounds reasonable!”  Seriously!!  I’m willing to bet that for 12 bucks or less, you could buy some raw cashews and some agave syrup (I’m assuming anyone who would care to do this already has vanilla, cinnamon, and water) and make a big jug of this, and still have ingredients left over.  Ugh.  The only good thing I can say about this is that Alex’s brother Shane will appreciate that the makers chose not to call this drink “milk.”

I don’t really think this requires comment.

Actual food posts coming at you next week… if WordPress will cooperate.

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