Helpful Hints for Hard Times

Ever have a time when nothing in life seems to go right?  When things just refuse to change, despite your best efforts?  Me too.  Here’s what I suggest in times like these.

One. Try to find about five minutes at home alone.  Create a ruse to get everyone out of the house if you need to (but don’t ask me how, I didn’t need to).

Two. Play this song as loud as you can stand.  Sing along as loud as you can stand.

Three. This will relieve the physical tension that hard times put in your body.  It’ll do that just as well as screaming, but you’re less likely to hurt yourself.

Four. You’ll end up laughing, because you’ll realize that your problems aren’t nearly bad enough to warrant such a sad sing-along.  Or, if you’re like me, you’ll end up laughing at how bad your singing is.  Either way, you end up laughing.

P.S. Lookin’ good there, Mr. Cooke.

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